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Some of the most frequently asked questions about AQUA products:


How do I get the right dose for my spa?

It is not a good idea to pour into your spa directly from your 180ml bottle as you may put too much in.   Our spa box set has been specifically designed with this in mind so that you get exactly the right dose.


Can you advise me how to get rid of a dye stain at the side of my pool?

By using any standard bleach-based detergent you will manage to remove any stains.


Our pool is 150m3.  What is the maximum dosage that you recommend?

A bottle of 180ml will effectively colour a pool of 50m3.  We suggest that you double or even triple this amount with a second (or third) bottle and to stop adding when you think you've got the desired colour.


We often have friends around for a pool evening and we'd like to know if your dye is equally effective at night?

The AQUAcouleur range has been studied to guarantee you a colour as intense at night as during the daytime.


I poured the bottle into the pool and the colour was really nice but it only lasted 10 minutes.

It is most likely that the level of chlorine in your pool was too high.  Have you checked and confirmed a chlorine level more than 1ppm?
We recommend that you lower your chorine/bromine level for future uses and to neutralise any oxidizing agent.  Also with the help of a testing kit check the the chlorine/bromine level is less than 1 before using AQUAcouleur.

AQUApremio is one of our products which has been specially designed to decrease your chlorine/bromine level quickly and efficiently and therefore prepares your pool for a colouring.  The effect is therefore guaranteed.


My wife has accidentally put the whole bottle into a 28m3 pool.  What should I do?

Turn on the filtering system that you normally use in order to get rid of the colour.  Several hours should be enough to get the water back to its natural colour.


I don't have a pool or a spa but I do have a little paddling pool.  I would like to colour the water for my children.  Is there any kind of risk to their skin or if they should swallow some water?

All our AQUAcolourings have had to follow extremely strict health and safety regulations on this subject.  We have never come across any dermatological problems. 
To be sure of never having any problems in this area, our laboratory decided not to keep any of the colourings where there was the slightest incertitude.
To conclude, the risk is much reduced and each person has a different immunity.
In any case, it follows to say that the smaller the pool the higher the risk of putting in too much.  Do not empty the whole bottle in.

After using AQUAcouleur, our pool darkened very quickly, up to the point that we couldn't see the bottom of the pool.  What happened?
You have surely put in too much AQUAcouleur.  May we remind you that a bottle of 180ml will effectively colour a pool of 50m3 and only by putting in too much will you get such an opaqueness.
The amount of  AQUAcouleur required depends on the amount of water in your pool.

I don't really have a question to ask but I admit I had doubts buying your product as I didn't really know anything about it.  I have to say it is fantastic!  My friends were impressed when they saw my turquoise pool.

AQUAcouleur is certainly a good way of having a memorable swim and a unique swimming pool.


I can't stop colouring my pool when I have friends around.  Do you intend extending your range of colours?

Our research and development team are looking at some new AQUAcolourings which will soon be available.... but shhhhhh !



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