Public Basins

Ahead of the growing interest shown by leisure centres, camping sites, balneotherapy centres and water parks, we should also specify the use of AQUAcouleur in public swimming pools.

As a result of extended research in collaboration with pharmacology and dermatology specialists, the concentration of AQUAcouleur is small enough to give an intense colouring whilst keeping the water transparent.

The use of AQUAcouleur has no harmful effects on bathers. It also leaves no visible colouring of clothes, no irritability to eyes and no possibility of poisoning through ingestion.

The AQUAcouleur range of products will neither effect the disinfectant level, the PH level nor the turbidity of the water in the pool.


Following a series of meetings with the DDASS of  'Haute Garonne' (Government Health and Safety Department), we have established a set of specific guidelines to be conformed to for use in public pools (Public health regulations).


On these grounds we have confirmed that AQUAcouleur is to be used with a PH between 6,9 and 7,7 as well as a disinfectant level higher than 2ppm of chlorine (or between 0,4 and 1,4 of active chlorine for non-stable chlorine treatments).   By using these measurements our AQUAcolourings can be temporarily used for several hours.

Nevertheless, each colour is a variety of components which react differently according to the treatment of your pool.

For example, the Mango AQUAcolour disappears much quicker when there is same level of oxidant than Deep Ocean AQUAcouleur which keeps its intensity for several hours.  Deep Ocean AQUAcouleur is therefore the most  appropriate dye for use in public baths at the moment.

The instructions for use are very simple.  You simply need to pour AQUAcouleur into one of the skimmers (or in a buffer tank) with the filtration system on and several minutes later your pool will be the colour of your choice.

It is not recommended to exceed the recommended dose as you may effect the transparency of the water.

The pool water will return to its natural colour after use.

Our range of products is available in 180ml and 1L bottles.



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